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Welcome to Kitchen 8

Elizabeth Miller Watkins, through generosity, creativity, and foresight, created Watkins and Miller Scholarship Halls at the University of Kansas with the "dream to aid self-supporting girls to get an education."

As all Miller and Watkins residents know, each hall has 7 small kitchens. Although the use of the 7 kitchens has evolved over time, they still remain an integral part of life and camaraderie within the halls. Our organization serves as a link betweenthe past and present women of Miller and Watkins as a metaphoric "Kitchen 8."

Supporting one of our EMWMS recipients

If you'll be in town a little early for the annual meeting and tea, and you're looking for some Friday evening entertainment, check out the University Dance Company Spring Concert. One of our scholarship recipients, Kayla Wegley, will be performing as part of the dance company at the Lawrence Arts Center on Friday, April 24 at 7:30. Tickets available at

Upcoming Meeting and 2015 Election Year

Plans are underway for the 2015 Kitchen 8 Annual Meeting, Luncheon and Elizabeth Miller Watkins Memorial Scholarship Awards! Save the date of Saturday, April 25, 2015, beginning at 9 A.M. at the Lawrence Country Club.

"Roommates" is our theme and program this year, so contact your "roomie" and make plans to come to Lawrence and enjoy all the fun and reminiscing! Sunday, April 26th will be the Alumnae Teas, held at the Halls, in the afternoon.

Come, celebrate and catch up with your Lilac Lane roomies. Although we may live miles apart, there’s still a place on Lilac Lane that we all call home.

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Election Candidates

This 2015 K8 Annual Meeting is also an election year for K8 officers. The following is a list of election candidates which wil be voted on Saturday, April 25. (All terms are for two years)

President: Norma Decker Hoagland
Vice-President: Elizabeth Ervin Boman
Secretary: Paula Hopkins Wrigley
Treasurer: Mary Emerson Gomez
Historian:  Laura Draxler Sixta
Watkins Campus Coordinators: Camille Icenogle Olcese, Stevi Ballard
Miller Campus Coordinator:  Judy Johnson Niebaum
Scholarship Selection Co-Chairs: Susan Harshaw Kissinger, Valentine Baumann
Advisory Committee Chair:  Alica Thomas
Website Chair:  Lynne Coblammers
Newsletter Co-Editors: Sarah Wohlrabe Shortall, Ali Bannwarth Zayas
Mentoring Co-Chairs: Cathie Fuller Miller, Sarah Greenup


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2015 Newsletter

Enjoy the newest edition of the Kitchen 8 Newsletter.


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Our Mission

Kitchen 8, K-8, is an alumnae organization comprised of residents, past and present, of these halls and other supporters of Mrs. Watkins' tradition. As the official keepers of her legacy we endeavor to provide a community of support for previous, current and future residents through mentorship, charitable contributions through the Elizabeth Miller Watkins Memorial Scholarship Fund with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, staying informed of the condition of Watkins and Miller Scholarship Halls and striving to follow her example of compassion and selflessness.