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Welcome to Kitchen 8

Elizabeth Miller Watkins, through generosity, creativity, and foresight, created Watkins and Miller Scholarship Halls at the University of Kansas with the "dream to aid self-supporting girls to get an education."

As all Miller and Watkins residents know, each hall has 7 small kitchens. Although the use of the 7 kitchens has evolved over time, they still remain an integral part of life and camaraderie within the halls. Our organization serves as a link betweenthe past and present women of Miller and Watkins as a metaphoric "Kitchen 8."

2016 Gala Celebration Weekend

Thank you for making the 2016 K-8 Annual Meeting and EMW Memorial Scholarship Awards Brunch, the Watkins and Miller Halls book unveiling, and the Watkins Hall 90th Anniversary Celebration so special. This memorable weekend took place April 22-24, 2016.

Announcing the 2016 Kitchen 8 Newsletter

We hope you enjoy reading about all of the exciting things going on in Watkins and Miller Scholarship Halls and their Alumnae Association.

Mark Your Calender

2017 Events:

Saturday, April 22 – Miller Hall 80th Anniversary Celebration and Special Events

Sunday, April 23 - Watkins and Miller Alumnae Teas

Our Mission

Kitchen 8, K-8, is an alumnae organization comprised of residents, past and present, of these halls and other supporters of Mrs. Watkins' tradition. As the official keepers of her legacy we endeavor to provide a community of support for previous, current and future residents through mentorship, charitable contributions through the Elizabeth Miller Watkins Memorial Scholarship Fund with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, staying informed of the condition of Watkins and Miller Scholarship Halls and striving to follow her example of compassion and selflessness.