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20-21 Scholarship Renewals

Kayla Moore - Wichita, Kansas

2ND YEAR RECIPIENT Kayla will be a senior in the fall studying Elementary Education.   Kayla, who is a first generation college student, believes education changed her life and wants to become a system of support and stability for her future students.  Kayla, who is a former Miller Scholarship Hall resident, has learned valuable skills through volunteering and employment that will help her in the education field.  She has worked for a number of organizations with children including The Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence and as a YMCA Latchkey Group Leader.  These life experiences plus the empathy she developed from her own health care experiences will make her a strong advocate and mentor for other women and children, much like Elizabeth Miller Watkins. 


Pooja Poladia - Olathe, Kansas

3ND YEAR RECIPIENT:  Pooja will be in her final year of the Doctor of Pharmacy program.   Pooja has been very active over the last few years as a leader in several pharmacy professional organizations, as President of Watkins Hall and as a volunteer at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.  Pooja’s background and her leadership roles will allow her to move smoothly into her career and serve as a role model for other women.


Lindsey Red Elk - Cache, Oklahoma

3ND YEAR RECIPIENT:  Lindsey, a first-generation college student, will be a senior studying Engineering Physics.  She is currently enrolled in an Asteroseismology  research project that she believes she attained because of the inspiration from role models like EMW.   Lindsey also has been active as a NASA Scholar and as an college  volleyball athlete and a volunteer with special needs children.


Lisa Lim - Dodge City, Kansas

3ND YEAR RECIPIENT:  Lisa, a first-generation college student, will be in her second year of the Doctor of Pharmacy program.  Lisa has known for a long time she wanted to work in the healthcare field and after shadowing several pharmacists, she realized that she wanted to be like them and “give back to my community . . . to better the lives of other people.”  She has also been accepted into the Pharmacy Research program, enhancing her educational opportunities.


Marissa Moreno - Kansas City, Kansas

4TH YEAR RECIPIENT: Marissa, a first generation college student, will be a senior studying Civil Engineering.  Marissa volunteers regularly through the KU Center for Community Outreach working with elders, immigrant families, and disadvantage youth.  She wrote in her application this year:  “…education is the only way that I can take my future into my own hands and change the path….”.  We are pleased to have been able to support Marissa in her educational journey.


Matie Meeks - Atchison, Kansas

3ND YEAR RECIPIENT: Matie will be in her third year of the Doctor of Pharmacy program.  She will continue to work as a student pharmacy intern at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.  She wrote: “Through this position, I am exposed to the daily activities of a pharmacist in a hospital setting and have had the opportunity to observe firsthand the clinical aspects and applications of various medications.”  In addition to enjoying her clinical studies, Mattie is planning to marry this summer.


Melissa O'Neal - Overland Park, Kansas

4TH YEAR RECIPIENT:  Melissa, a first-generation college student, graduated from KU in May 2018 with a BS in Community Health Education and is in her final year of  the Masters of Occupational Therapy program.   Melissa wrote: “I want our son to know what hard work and dedication can do.  I know that we would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for the continued support of this scholarship.”


Micaela Carrillo Marquez (Mickey) - De Soto, Kansas

2ND YEAR RECIPIENT:  Mickey, is a sophomore studying Psychology and English and is the first in her family to attend college.  She has been employed continuously since 14 years old and is participating in a number of community service projects including tutoring elementary students.  Mickey believes Elizabeth Miller Watkins is a unique role model and inspiration to her as she has overcome substantial obstacles in order to pursue her education and life goals.  We are pleased to have her as a EMW scholarship recipient.


Natalie Fanella - DeKalb, Illinois

2ND YEAR RECIPIENT:  Natalie is a senior, studying Unified Early Childhood Education.   Natalie was instilled with the passion of education from the many mentors who helped her escape poverty and a toxic childhood.  She has worked almost full time through college but next year will not be able to do that due to her student teaching requirements.  Natalie also served as the Vice President of Miller Scholarship Hall and has been very active within the Scholarship Hall community.   We wish her luck next year as she finishes her degree and enters the challenging field of education.