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EMW Memorial Scholarship

To honor the generous legacy of Mrs. Watkins, past residents of Watkins and Miller Halls, through Kitchen 8, established the Elizabeth Miller Watkins Memorial Scholarship Fund in 1998. The Fund that began with a few hundred dollars will this year award over $65,000 in scholarships. We would like to thank all who have donated this year. It is amazing how one woman’s vision can impact so many women’s lives. Recipients of this scholarship automatically become members of Kitchen 8's group Lizzie's Legacies.

The success of the EMWMSF has allowed Kitchen 8 to award numerous scholarships each school year. The EMWMSF Advisory Board welcomes contributions so the Kitchen 8 Scholarship Selection Committee will be able to award even more scholarships to accomplished, deserving young KU women who have demonstrated financial need.


You may also make your contribution for the Elizabeth Miller Watkins Memorial Scholarship Fund directly to Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, fund trustee, via the following link: www.growyourgiving.org/greater-giving/contributing/contribute-to-your-fund. Checks made payable “Greater Kansas City Community Foundation,” noting "Elizabeth Miller Watkins Memorial Scholarship Fund" on the memo line, may be mailed directly to:

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
1055 Broadway, Suite 130 
Kansas City, MO 64105-1595

Thank you for your efforts to support the mission of Kitchen 8 & the EMW Memorial Scholarship as together we promote the legacy of Elizabeth Miller Watkins.