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Available Now! 

The Life and Legacy of Elizabeth Miller Watkins: A Pioneering Philanthropist

Written by Lawrence Historian Mary Burchill and K8's own Norma Hoagland, you will learn so much more about Elizabeth.  It's inspiring to read how she grew up and became a remarkable businesswoman - at a time when women weren't in business.  The city of Lawrence, KU and thousands of students have benefited from her incredible life.  

Order through University Press of Kansas website  or from their distributor, Longleaf Publishing at 800-848-6224.

The book is also available as an e-book where you purchase your e-books.

A good gift for yourself - or any Schol Hall friend you may have! 


About Kitchen 8

Elizabeth Miller Watkins had a "dream to aid self-supporting girls to get an education".  Through her generosity, creativity, and foresight, she created Watkins and Miller Scholarship Halls at the University of Kansas.  Kitchen 8 (K8) is the continuation of that legacy, established and run by women who have benefited from living and prospering in either Watkins or Miller Halls.  The unique communcal living experience shared on Lilac Lane cannot be compared at the University of Kansas or elsewhere.   


As all Miller and Watkins residents know, part of the self sustaining theme within the Halls are the existence of 7 small kitchens where residents prepare and share meals. Although the use of the 7 kitchens has evolved over time, they remain an integral part of life and camaraderie within the halls. Kitchen 8 aims to be be a similiar link between Watkins and Miller women, past and present, to help further the legacy of Elizabeth Miller Watkins and advance her vision. 


Our Mission


"....to help the girls who must travel uphill." 


Kitchen 8 is an organization of Watkins and Miller Scholarship Hall alumnae and residents, EMW Memorial Scholars, and other supporters of Elizabeth Miller Watkins' dream "to help the girls who must travel uphill."


Kitchen 8 is dedicated to preserving and carrying forward the legacy of Mrs. Watkins to help exceptional but financially needy women to get an education. K8 seeks to provide a community of support to stakeholders by:

  • maintaining communication,
  • providing mentorship,
  • awarding scholarships,
  • staying informed and advocating for conditions at the Halls,
  • preserving the Halls as scholarship opportunities for women who have exceptional achievement and financial need, and
  • following Mrs. Watkins' example of generosity and compassion.




If you wish to support Kitchen 8 or the Elizabeth Miller Watkins Scholarship Fund, please visit our Donation Center.  We are grateful for any assistance!  


Donation toward activities with the Residents of Watkins / Miller Halls or for communicating with Kitchen 8 members.


•   Laura Stevens (Hobbs) (1975)  7/15
•   Crissy Ryun (Jackson) (2016)  5/8
•   Sheryl Dorman (Cox) (1966)  4/18
•   Debbie Dawson (1978)  4/15
•   Sharon McIlralth (1962)  4/12
•   Paula Messbarger  4/12
•   Julia Ruth Bolas (Berry) (1949)  4/11
•   Brenda Bowes (West)  4/9
•   Tobey Billinger (2005)  3/30
•   Aubrey Tetreault (2001)  3/27
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